Ray Piskin, CEO of CCP Solutions, Invests in Digital Media and Marketing Campaigns

Published on August 2nd by

Ray Piskin, CEO of CCP Solutions, has fully invested into the  foundation of his new website, Ray Piskin plans to scale his digital initiatives into the rest of his sales...


Furniture Discounters Features EdBassmaster on Highway Billboard

Published on January 22nd by

"Your Furniture Store in Indianapolis, IN " Furniture Discounters has three of the most popular and now most "Viral" stores in Indianapolis, Indiana - since the launch of the EDBassMaster...


Jenna Marbles Get's a Magical YouTube & Twitter Layout Design. Kermit Approves.

Published on January 16th by

Meet our Magical Friend "Jenna Marbles" Jenna's first famous video was "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking," which had over 5.3 million views in its first week....


EdBassMaster Upgrades Design and hits over 480,000 Subscribers!

Published on August 15th by

We always watched  EDBassMaster's Youtube Channel for his epic comedy skits. So, one day we thought we would ask Ed if he'd like to take his branding to the next...