Build Your Brand with Us!

We work with you to create an exciting, attractive, and memorable brand identity through photography, mascots, logos, web design, social layouts and more, so your network can be inspired by your passion. Become digitally charismatic.

Design Your Dream Brand

We work with influencers to help them transition from awesome humans with super powers, to super awesome brands...with super powers. Of course you’ll still retain your ‘humanness’ but you’ll have a rockstar vehicle to launch your future.

Our team of creative and passionate designers will help define your brand identity, logo, color scheme, font, and style. Wherever your fans go, they’ll always recognize you in the digi-sphere.

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Develop Your Digital Properties

Spacesuit, check...Space ship? In order for a digital rockstar to enter the success-o-sphere, you better be approved by the space station, or you might miss it!

Once your brand is built and your mission has been defined, we help you obtain your most valuable digital assets and educate you on the boring stuff that will be important down the line (taxes, incorporations, etc). Once that’s over with, we work with you to create multiple avenues for monetization, collaboration, and exploration!

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Collaborate & Become a Star

The Nerdiest Dream Team Ever. Would you believe me if I told you YouTubers are the coolest people on the planet to work with? My initial thought was - they must be aliens. But, then again - aren’t we all aliens... in a way?

We provide collaboration and mentorship opportunities through our extensive network of clients, partners and talented friends. Whether you’re looking to connect with a producer, get advice from a viral celeb, star in a web series, or create an epic parody of one of your favorite movies with some hilarious peeps, we have you covered!

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Enterprise For Your Future

Adsense is cool. It helps pay the bills, and if you get millions of views, you can earn as much as a surgeon, which your grandma will never understand. But adsense isn’t the only avenue for monetization for influencers. We’ve helped take channels from $2k a year in ad revenue to over $100k in alternative revenue streams in less than 3 months.

We create a custom monetization web for each human that joins our team. We also help you partner and invest in products you love, so you can earn revenue for eons.

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