Generation YM launches Startup and New Media Summit to Spotlight NY Innovation

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Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, marketing consultants, business journalists and new media celebrities are joining together to showcase and promote Long Island’s dynamic startup and new media community at 6:30 p.m. this Thursday, July 18 at the Woodbury Country Club.

“Long Island is a flourishing center filled with great minds, influencers, and people of interest to the technology and new media community,” said Gary Riger, CEO and Co-Founder of the Mastermind Summit. “We see a lot of development and growth in the startup area in Manhattan, but we have the same kind of talent, intellect, economic ability, and resources here on Long Island. Our goal is to create a forum to shine a light on those assets and further the development of a vibrant startup and new media community right here.”

Co-founder Keith McElwain, CEO of Generation YM, agreed. "Whether you are a new media maven or just a novice, success comes from networking, learning, and applied innovation. So we wanted to create a mastermind event that combined all of the above with a new media twist." GenerationYM is a new media agency that brands Fortune 500 companies, engages millions of YouTube viewers, and invests in exciting new media startup companies and brands.

startup-new-media-expert-panelRiger and GenerationYM have partnered with the most important players in Long Island’s growing high tech scene. Nassau County Executive, Edward P. Mangano, who has voiced his commitment to expanding the technology sector and supporting new businesses, will speak at the event. So will Andrew Hazen, Founder & CEO of Angel Dough Ventures and Co-Founder of LaunchPad LI, Long Island’s first and largest business accelerator and incubator.

“Our partnership with companies like Launchpad LI and the support of politicians like Mangano means we’re able to connect the startup and new media community with the resources they need,” said Riger. “The event will also bring together vendors, venture capitalists, and banks interested in getting involved and promoting the growth of those businesses on Long Island. It all comes together to make this a perfect opportunity to network, listen to influencers and entrepreneurs, showcase a project, gain exposure with investors interested in new ideas, and really get engaged in the startup and new media community.”

Other speakers include: Sindhya Valloppillil, Founder & CEO of HELIX MEN; Michael Parrella, Founder & CEO of the Fitness Franchise,, FC Online Marketing and Parrella Consulting; Jessica Harlow, one of YouTube’s leading makeup gurus and vloggers; Claude Solnik, a journalist at Long Island Business News; and Justin Ross Lee, an internet personality and Founder of Pretentious Pocket.

"Both Gary and co-founder Paige Piskin have been exceptional in putting together our dynamic panel of expert speakers and massive new media and press firepower for the show," said McElwain. “Gary Riger has been phenomenal as CEO of the Startup and New Media Summit and has an energetic charisma that inspires all in his way.”

The Long Island Startup and New Media Mastermind Summit will be held at the Woodbury Country Club, 884 Jericho Turnpike in Woodbury, N.Y. Registration begins at 6:30 p.m., followed by networking, a panel discussion on startups and a panel discussion on new media. Tickets are available online at or at the door. Vendor packages and press passes are also available. Follow the event on Facebook at:

The New Media Mastermind Summit, the first event of its kind on Long Island, was co-founded by Gary Riger, an entrepreneur and business consultant involved with several start up ventures, and GenerationYM’s CEO Keith McElwain, and Chief Creative Officer Page Piskin. Generation YM is new media agency recognized as one of the world's leading companies in new media and YouTube video.

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Or Gary Riger, CEO & Co-Founder of Long Island Startup & New Media Summit, 516-515-1566