MDK Chef Hannah Hart Toasts to a New Layout for Her "MyHarto" Channel

Published on December 16th by

hannah hart
Hannah Hart is an awesome YouTube Comedian with a hilarious show called "My Drunk Kitchen".  In under 2 years, Hannah's YouTube Channel "My Harto" currently has 428,451 subscribers and over 40 million video views.  She is an amazing person and truly loves what she does and adores her fans who are very supportive. Hannah recently launched a fundraiser on indiegogo for her upcoming MDK tour and hit her goal of $50,000 in the first 5 hours. She has been seen on CBS News, After Ellen, The Huffington Post, BoingBoing, LA Weekly and other media outlets.

We wanted to work with Hannah as soon as we saw her videos, so when we met her at VidCon 2012, we couldn't resist but ask her if she's interested in having our design team work with her branding.  Working with her has been incredible, every communication with her makes us smile and laugh.  She's really creative and has a very unique kind of brand, so it was really fun to come up with this layout for her. We wanted to make her channel branding a blend of class and grunge, since she's totally edgy and funny but also very classy. So we decided to take some elements from her website, which had a very classy look and add some edge to it with cartoon kitchen utensils and cool dark textures.