Jason Horton, "The Worlds Only White Male Comedian": Branded & Cartooned!

Published on January 14th by

jason horton

Meet "The World's Only White Comedian"

Jason Horton is a popular actor, producer and sketch writer who creates som of the funniest original content on YouTube.  His channel has over 56,000 subscribers, +5 million video views and has starred in, written and co-produced videos on the youtube that have received hundreds of millions of views. He has collaborated with some of today's most popular YouTubers such as Nikki Limo, TotallySketch, Jenna Marbles, and a variety of others.  Jason is extremely funny, talented, and creative - It has been a pleasure to work with him.

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Jason's project includes a Web design, Logo and Social Designs.  We wanted to create a professional, but still fun brand that incorporated Jason's character - brining together his creative comedian side and his professional improve and sketch writing side.

Logo & Branding


For Jason's Logo, we started with his mascot. He wanted a cartooon character for his branding, which is always fun to have for products, youtube layouts and other promotional pieces.  We made the character professional, with an nerdy/awkward yet cool edge (the glasses, expression, etc).


We decided to go with cool blue color tones, and black and white for text and elements we wanted to pop out. We occasionally bring in hand written text to bring the 'indie/organic/sketch' side of his personality into the designs.

His headline "The World's Only White Male Comedian" is pretty funny, so we wanted to make the text pop - so the viewer is sure to see it and laugh. We decided to go with a bold font with subtle styling to keep it clean.


We wanted to keep Jason's YouTube layout clean and professional, but still fun.  We decided to go with a 'minimalistic' template, keeping the creative work in the banner along with the navigation and nothing on the sides of the layout.

The background is blue textured around the top to make it stand out. We also placed about 13 links in the banner, 3 of which are thumbnails that link to playlists. We like to put playlists in the banner because sometimes they can go unseen on the channel page.  Keeping playlists in the banner is also a great idea because it gives the viewer options that don't take them away from the youtube channel like the other links, so they can continue to watch and have fun seeing videos they may have missed!