London Hair Expert "Foxy Locks Extensions" Gets YouTube Branding!

Published on January 16th by
Imogen Foxy Locks

Meet Imogen "FoxyLocks Extensions" the #1 Choice for Hair Extensions

Imogen "FoxyLocksExtensions" is a hair stylist and the owner of the brand Foxy Locks Extensions. Based out of London, she shares all kinds of hair tutorials and sells extensions in an online store. Imogen is very talented with hair, and her products are beautiful, high quality and really natural looking, so they've become popular among teens and girls in their 20's. Imogen's YouTube channel has over 66 million video views and over 285,000 subscribers.

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It was really fun to work on Imogen's branding. She really didn't have a layout before, so it was fun to create it from scratch. I wanted to make the layout work with her logo, so I kind of worked around it and stylized everything to match that branding.