Ray Piskin, CEO of CCP Solutions, Invests in Digital Media and Marketing Campaigns

Published on August 2nd by

Ray Piskin, CEO of CCP Solutions, has fully invested into the  foundation of his new website, CCPCopy.com. Ray Piskin plans to scale his digital initiatives into the rest of his sales and support organization by  integrating the new forms of innovation masterminded by GenerationYM.


Ray Piskin, CEO of CCP Solutionsa

Under Ray Piskin’s direction CCP Solutions, LLC. was created in 2005 to specifically target the business to business marketplace with sophisticated retail equipment and document solutions. CCP Solutions has seen unprecendented growth since its inception 7 years ago and currently provides equipment and services to over 500 hundred customers in 3 states. Raymond Piskin oversees all aspects of Continental’s and CCP’s business operations. He has carved out a niche in the document solutions industry, combining the best of traditional copier equipment expertise with the innovation of a bringing to market scan station technology, document storage and retrieval software, leveraging expertise with hundreds of educational and govermant agencies.