EdBassMaster Launches "Just Look at it!" Mobile App for the iPhone, iPad, Android!

Published on September 25th by

jason horton

Meet "Ed BassMaster"

Ed Bassmaster is rated in the Top 100 Comedians on YouTube and has garnered over 300 million video views and counting! He is the prankster of many faces and usually can be found as one of his self-made characters; Skippy, Emelio, Mumbles, Teste, Tequila, or the infamous Hacker! The Bassmaster lives in Philadelphia with his wife and son and continues to find inspiration in everyday items like bubblegum, daisy dukes, and dogs. He creates videos every week and inspires ROFLCOPTERS around the world!

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Mobile Apps


*Choose a Character- Skippy, Emelio, Mumbles, Teste, Tequila, Hacker and more!

*Latest Videos- Watch, rate and comment on videos directly from your iPhone.

*Secret Videos- Gain access to hidden videos only accessible through the iPhone.

*Related Videos- Watch related videos from Jack Vale and more!

*Twitter- Direct message Ed and receive his latest tweets instantly.

*Store- Shop and purchase Ed’s latest shirts and toys.

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